Advanced Noise Control for Data Centers: Taming Cooling Fans and Generators

In the high-tech realm of data centers, Environmental Noise Control, Inc. (ENC) leads the way in delivering state-of-the-art noise control solutions. Our focus centers on the unique challenges posed by cooling fans and generators, providing practical and cost-effective strategies for a noise-free data environment.

Specialized Noise Control for Data Centers:

  • Ambient and Operational Sound Studies
    • Understand a site’s noise profile before site is built and monitor equipment noise levels while operational.
  • Noise Impact Models
    • Using ambient and equipment data our team of experts can identify what the impact will be when the center is fully operational and provide insight into any potential challenges.
  • Cooling Fan Noise Reduction:
    • Precision solutions to minimize the noise generated by cooling systems.
    • Customized soundproofing strategies for specific cooling setups.
  • Generator Sound Control:
    • Innovative measures to curb noise emanating from power generators.
    • Permanent and temporary solutions for effective generator noise reduction.