Temporary Noise Control Solutions for Construction Projects

Our focus lies in providing practical and cost-effective noise control strategies, encompassing comprehensive noise code and design analysis, field measurement, monitoring, and noise impact modeling for heightened safety and environmental compliance. While often not required on many construction sites, including noise mitigation on your project can help you:

  • Extend your workday or run a 24-hour operation without violating local noise ordinances.
  • Earn good will with the surrounding community minimizing the disruptions created by loud projects.
  • Operate in sensitive areas such as hospitals, schools or wildlife habitats.

Key Services:

Noise Surveys and Modeling:

    • Ambient Noise Studies create a baseline noise level before your project begins.
    • Advanced modeling techniques can predict the noise impact your project will have, and identify any potential challenges by taking into account the existing noise levels of the area and noise created by equipment in comparison with local noise ordinances.
    • Continuous Noise Monitoring to ensure compliance with local ordinances.

Noise Control Solutions

Our specially engineered systems cater to a variety of construction scenarios, offering both temporary and permanent noise control solutions. These systems include:

    • Portable Panels provide swift deployment for on-the-spot noise control during construction phases. Available in various sizes, these panels provide can be placed around generators and other loud equipment and can be easily moved around the job site as needed with minimal equipment.
    • Acoustic blankets are available in a standard 8’x20’ size, but can also be customized to fit your specific needs. Designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, these versatile blankets can be attached to fences, scaffolding or other support structure.