Practical Noise Control Solutions for Oil & Gas Operations

With over thirty years of experience, Environmental Noise Control stands as a leader in providing practical, cost-effective noise control solutions for oil & gas operations. Our expertise extends to comprehensive noise code interpretation, field measurement, monitoring, and noise impact modeling. Our team can help from the initial surveys required for permitting to the mitigation solutions and compliance monitoring while operating.

Key Services:

Noise Surveys and Modeling:

    • Ambient noise surveys record a site’s noise levels before any work begins.
    • Noise impact models utilize ambient sound level data and equipment noise levels to identify potential areas that will require mitigation to be in compliance with local noise ordinances.
    • Compliance monitoring to ensure mitigation solutions in place are working effectively to remain in compliance with local noise ordinances.

Customized Noise Control Solutions:

Our pre-engineered systems cater to drilling rigs, fracing operations, production equipment, directional drilling, pipeline excavation, and gas compressors. Available for both temporary sound control and permanent installations, these systems include:

      • Site-specific noise barriers designed by engineers and manufactured in house.
      • Temporary sound walls offer cost-effective solutions up to 40 feet high
      • Portable SK8 panels are designed to be positioned next to equipment and engineered specifically to block low frequency noises.
      • Acoustic enclosures and silencer banks provide permanent noise control solutions for compressors and generators.

Comprehensive Support Services:

We go beyond product solutions, offering additional support services:

      • Community and municipal meeting representation to help ensure community engagement and understanding.
      • Expert witness testimony providing expert opinions for legal proceedings.