Noise Control Solutions for All Types of Drilling Projects

From water well and infrastructure projects to geothermal and offshore wind projects, if you’re going underground we can help keep things quiet while you do. Our consultative approach to noise control results in long term partnerships with our clients working together to provide practical and cost-effective noise control solutions for every project.

Key Services:

Noise Surveys and Modeling:

    • Ambient noise surveys record a site’s noise levels before any work begins.
    • Noise impact models utilize ambient sound level data and equipment noise levels to identify potential areas that will require mitigation to be in compliance with local noise ordinances.
    • Compliance monitoring to ensure mitigation solutions in place are working effectively to remain in compliance with local noise ordinances.

Customized Noise Control Solutions:

With both augered and free-standing noise control products available, our team of experts can help design a mitigation plan that will be the most cost-effective solution for even the tightest project site. We understand the space constraints that many drilling projects have to work with and can provide solutions with minimal footprint requirements. Our turnkey solutions include:

    • Temporary sound walls that provide cost-effective solutions up to 40 feet high when setting beams in the ground is allowed.
    • A patented K-Rail system that turns our temporary sound walls into an effective free-standing alternative without sacrificing noise control quality.
    • Portable SK8 and SK6 panels are designed to be positioned next to equipment and engineered specifically to block low frequency noises.
    • Acoustic enclosures and silencer banks provide permanent noise control solutions for compressors and generators.