Prioritizing Worker Well-being in Factories, Warehouses and Industrial Settings

Environmental Noise Control, Inc. (ENC) takes the forefront in delivering tailored noise control solutions for industrial applications. Our primary focus is on practical and cost-effective strategies, with a keen emphasis on the impact of noise on workers. We provide comprehensive services, including noise surveys, analysis, monitoring, and mitigation, ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment that is OSHA compliant.

Worker-Centric Noise Control Services:

Operational Noise Surveys:

  • Rigorous assessments to understand the specific noise exposure of workers while operating.
  • Tailored solutions to mitigate workplace noise and enhance worker well-being.

Real-time Noise Monitoring:

  • Continuous monitoring to address immediate noise concerns.
  • Swift response mechanisms for noise-related issues affecting workers.

Personalized Noise Control Plans:

  • Customized strategies to reduce noise at its source.
  • Implementation of soundproofing measures for designated work areas.


Conveyance Noise Mitigation (CNM) Systems:

  • Designed exclusively for conveyance-generated noise that can impact plant workers and visitors
  • Takes into account facility floor plans, equipment noise levels, and operational processes and on-site noise. A custom mitigation system is installed around facility equipment to minimize noise without disrupting daily operations.
  • A successfully implemented CNM system will lower noise levels to below OSHA standards, positively impacting employee well-being and productivity.