The Tennessee Valley Authority contracted Environmental Noise Control, Inc. after a sinkhole, water seepage, and “internal erosion” conditions were discovered at the Boone Dam in East Tennessee.

The TVA was concerned with the sound & light pollution throughout the rehabilitation of the Boone Dam, as operations and pumping units were required to work twenty-four hours per day.

ENC designed & fabricated a nearly 1,000-foot-long wall to withstand 120-mile-per-hour wind loads for the dam.

The sound and light mitigation design for this project utilized ENC’s STC-25 acoustical barrier blankets on its K-Rail Mounted Temporary Sound Wall system with a height of 16 feet.

ENC provided installation supervision for the barrier, and it remains a successful, effective mitigation technique for the rehabilitation project as refurbishments are in process.

Boone Dam Rehabilitation Project Noise Control

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