Permanent Noise Control Products

Environmental Noise Control, Inc. offers a range of industrial noise control products designed to absorb & block noise effectively. Each ENC product utilizes advanced noise control engineering and extensive field testing to ensure your project’s best noise control solution.

Contact us for additional information and to learn how we can create a specifically engineered enclosure, noise solution for gas well compressors, silencer banks, mining & production noise solution, or any other custom structure or enclosure to solve your project’s noise control needs.

  • Permanent Structures:
    At a Glance

  • A permanent noise control solution
  • Allows for custom design
  • Structurally engineered to withstand the elements
  • Self-contained enclosures for:
    • Compressor stations
    • Fans
    • Drilling equipment
    • Industrial facilities
    • And more!

Environmental Noise Control’s Proprietary Noise Mitigation:

All blankets, portable panels, permanent structures, silencers, mufflers, temporary walls, and sk8 panels.

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