El Segundo, CA  – Environmental Noise Control, Inc. (ENC), an industry leader in noise mitigation, proudly announces that its innovative products have been added to the New York Department of Environmental Protection’s (NY DEP) prestigious list of products approved to effectively mitigate constriction noise in compliance with section 15 RCNY § 28-109 of the New York City code.

Being added to the select list of NY DEP-approved products is an honor for ENC. This recognition highlights the effectiveness of ENC’s solutions in meeting and exceeding the high standards set by the NY DEP.

Environmental Noise Control has a fleet of noise control products that are manufactured in-house and range from temporary sound wall systems to portable panels and acoustic blankets. ENC’s products are tested by an independent laboratory, a fact that helped set them apart from competitors and land them a spot on the DEP’s list.

“We are thrilled to have our products included in the NY DEP’s approved list,” says Don Behrens, Founder and President of Environmental Noise Control. “It reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering high quality noise control solutions that keep projects moving forward without disrupting the surrounding community.”

When noise barriers are required, the noise code calls for a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 30 or greater. Environmental Noise Control offers acoustic blankets, wind-rated acoustical barriers up to 40’ tall, and free-standing panels that exceed this requirement. With both rental and purchase options, and the ability to create custom blanket sizes, Environmental Noise Control is ready to help keep construction projects in New York moving forward in compliance with local regulations.