Environmental Noise Control, Inc’s Freestanding SK-8 Sound Barriers are fabricated with a galvanized exterior sheet metal skin, an acoustical absorber with a septum barrier, and a galvanized perforated liner that faces the noise source.

These panels are used for low-frequency and heavy-duty applications. They can be moved around a project site with a forklift for easy, effective positioning.

They are available for purchase or short or long-term rental. They can be equipped with doors and emergency egresses. Available in 16’, 20’, and 24’ high modules with an 8’ by 12’ base.

About ENC’s Freestanding SK-8 Sound Barriers

  • Specs

  • Sound Transmission Class rated STC-43 in accordance with ASTM E-413
  • Sound Absorption Rating of N.R.C. 1.00
  • Engineered to meet UBC/IBC Wind Load requirements
  • Panels available with emergency exit signs & doors
  • Sizes: 8 feet wide by 16 to 24 feet high

STC-43 Sound Transmission Loss (dB)

% Octave Band Center Frequency STC-43 Sound Transmission Loss
31.5 Hz 21 dB
63 Hz 14 dB
125 Hz 26 dB
250 Hz 32 dB
500 Hz 28 dB
1000 Hz 51 dB
2000 Hz 60 dB
4000 Hz 67 dB