• Entertainment Noise Mitigation Project at a Glance

  • Environmental Noise Control, Inc. designed & fabricated an entertainment noise mitigation solution comprising six private interview suites to be used by Worldwide Media Outlets throughout three days of press interviews with the cast of Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad.
  • ENC created these 20′ wide, 30′ long, and 20′ high studio suites to ensure high-quality interview audio files could be obtained while 6-9 crews worked within an ample studio space.
  • This event utilized ENC’s STC-25 acoustical barrier blankets.

The Suicide Squad press junket was to be held in the loading dock of New York City’s historical Moynihan Station. Although beautiful, the space is full of reflective, flat surfaces, which would make successful, simultaneous audiovisual interviews near to impossible. It was of the utmost importance that Worldwide Media Outlets could obtain high-quality interviews with the stars. Environmental Noise Control, Inc. was called to consult & design sound mitigation for the event.

Environmental Noise Control, Inc. designed & fabricated six private interview suites around the loading dock to create spaces where individual media outlets could interview the cast of Suicide Squad privately and without auditory interruption. This was critical, so the segments could be played on the radio, television, and online.

Environmental Noise Control installed six 20’ wide, 30’ long, and 20’ high “suites,” utilizing proprietary STC-25 acoustical barrier blankets.

The Suicide Squad press junket & premiere party were very successful and allowed all media outlets to record valuable audio and interviews that played worldwide.

Framing Private Interview Suites Noise Mitigation Blankets
Private Interview Suite with Noise Mitigation Blankets

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