American Integrated Service came to Environmental Noise Control, Inc. when the City of Carson, CA, contracted them for a landmark soil-remediation project. Their work entailed placing pipelines underground at approximately 36″ -46″ to channel the extracted soil materials out of the contaminated soil. Significant excavation and improvement to existing properties are also part of the plan, which encompasses at least 27 phases of work. Throughout the excavation, pipeline drilling, and soil remediation, American Integrated Service was concerned about the noise from heavy equipment and work affecting residents.

ENC designed & fabricated approximately 800 linear feet of temporary K-Rail mounted sound walls that will be used throughout the project. The ease of these barriers will allow on-site positioning for the most effective noise blocking and absorption—the panels’ utilized ENC’s proprietary STC-32 acoustical barrier blankets with a green overlay.

The noise control systems put in place have been widely accepted & appreciated throughout the neighborhood. ENC’s panels stop unwanted noise from impacting residents’ daily lives as the City of Carson works to clean up the environment.

K-Rail Mounted Frames
K-Rail Noise Control Wall Installation

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